Pokémon GO (or stay?)

Its almost holiday time and many parents and foster carers are happy to greet an activity that keeps children engaged and entertained, so why wouldn’t they embrace the new Pokémon GO app? (aside from the prospect of running around the park in the cold!)


In its most basic form, Pokémon GO is a game built around the capturing, training and evolving of creatures called Pokémon. It is one of the first games to become popular that uses ‘augmented reality’, a blend of real life and an online world.

As with all online activity, there are risks involved and it’s important that parents and foster carers understand what they are.  Read this interesting article, highlighting some considerations for parents and carers: http://bit.ly/2aSn7sk.


However, as well as acknowledging the online risk factors of Pokémon GO, here’s a great blog to highlight some of the benefits, it’s written by a mother of a boy with special needs, on a quest to share her adventures with the world, here’s a taster…


“Determined to connect with my son through his interests, I downloaded a new app called Pokémon Go the day after it launched without knowing anything about it. I thought it would help me connect with my son. After all, he lives and breathes the Pokémon world. Nothing could have prepared me for what really happened. I never imagined I would find so many surprising benefits of Pokémon Go for kids with special needs.”

Read more here:



So is it Pokémon Go or stay?



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