The A-Z of Fostering – Letter B: Being of service

imageB is for Being of service.

What a wonderful way to give back to our current and future society, than to foster…?

Fostering a child or young person, offers an opportunity for them to experience stability, routine, boundaries, nurture – perhaps for the first time, perhaps as a continuum of what they are used to, before things changed for them in their birth family.

It is well known that family is a core influence in our lives…where memories are made and shared and experiences offer points of reflection throughout life.

As a foster carer, you have the opportunity to be part of the journey for a child or young person and a point of reference in their future life. Children need you.

Becoming a foster carer is something that helps others and yet also gives back, ten fold. Giving is receiving, after all.

If you want to give children and young people the gift of ‘family life’, please contact us¬†and we will help you to transform lives by fostering a child or young person.


A-Z of fostering


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