Fostering Lessons from Disney’s Frozen


A couple of years ago, we reflected upon the fantastic Disney Pixar film ‘Inside Out’ in this blog and this time, although the film is now four years old, we are championing Disney’s ‘Frozen’..or to be precise the fabulously timeless song ‘Let it Go’.

Its no wonder that the song appeals to young and old alike.  ‘Let the storm rage on…the cold never bothered me anyway….’….’I’m never going back..the past is in the past’.

For children and young people in foster care, being able to let it go is crucial. They may have spent years holding it in.  Like Elsa, ‘Conceal, don’t feel…don’t let them know’ may have been their mantra and just like Elsa, being able to let go and be who they are can mean that they finally step into their unique identity and flourish.

Whilst children and young people are concealing their true selves, they may put on a protective armour, blocking people out, creating a ‘Kingdom of isolation’ – just like Elsa did with her younger sister, Ana.

Essentially, foster carers provide environments for children and young people to feel comfortable enough to express themselves and in doing so, they can have better relationships with people around them.  The journey to that place may constitute a storm…and foster carers need to be resilient and committed, so that the child or young person can move past their fears and reveal themselves.

So that they can finally be free.


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