The A-Z of Fostering – D is for Diversity



D is for Diversity and foster family Diversity is absolutely necessary. Children and young people need foster carers from all backgrounds, cultures, religions and ethnicities, all family types…single, married, older, younger, with birth children and without.

For some children and young people, being with a single foster carer, or an older foster carer, may offer them the calm stability that they really need. For others, being in a busy household with a fostering family, may be the kind of stimulating environment to help them to settle.

The role of the foster carer is much more than offering a warm and nurturing home for the child or young person. It’s about being able to understand the meaning that a child may associate to certain traditions and routines…things that may be quite culturally specific.


The fostering family is a uniquely blended family and there is no set or definitive ‘type’. Therefore, no matter your specific background, if you are or have been thinking about how to become a foster carer, please do make contact with Chrysalis Care, who have a wealth of expertise to offer you, which is sure to help you to reach a decision.


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