A-Z of Fostering – ‘E’ is for Education


E is for Education – an area of life that is often compromised for children and young people who are fostered.


Within the range of challenges that children and young people may have faced, education can often suffer because it can be difficult for a child to focus on learning, when they may be facing relatively stressful situations elsewhere in their lives. Couple that with the possibility that they may have had to move schools due to their constantly changing circumstances and it is understandable why education can be a contested space. Chrysalis Care foster carers are encouraged to embrace education and to support the child at their own pace, taking into consideration any additional learning needs or disabilities.image

The foster carer is charged with investing in all aspects of a child’s life, with each almost being like pillars of stability; education is one of them, alongside health, being safe, social and leisure time and engaging in positive activities.

As resistant as the child may be to routines and boundaries, this is actually what they need and a determined focus upon engaging them in education can provide the necessary structure to help them to settle into a life with stability.  Helping a child to engage positively with their education can give them a fantastic foundation for a positive future and can raise their confidence and self belief.image

If you want to be part of the Chrysalis Care #20years #transforminglives journey, visit us here.

Chrysalis Care: A-Z of Fostering



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