Chrysalis Care – Our Services


Children and young people come into the care system for all sorts of reasons.  And it’s because of this that Chrysalis Care offer a wide range of services.  Since 1997, our message has been ‘we believe in children, they deserve the best…we provide it’ and we have had this as central to what we do,   through many regulatory changes, we have never forgotten that the child or young person is the priority.  As far as possible, Chrysalis Care offer a bespoke package of services, offering wraparound provision, if necessary…for instance, where a child or your young person may need therapeutic intervention, such as play therapy, or life story work, or practical and emotional support in developing their independence skills.  Chrysalis Care have a Children’s Services department, whose sole aim is to plan for and respond to the needs of  children and young people placed with us.

Chrysalis Care have foster carers skilled in a range of areas, such as parent and child fostering, placements for babies and young children, caring for teenagers – including those on remand and placements for children and young people with disabilities, ranging from for example, autism, through to complex medical needs.  Chrysalis Care work in partnership with other professionals and where relevant, parents, to fulfil their ethos of ‘transforming lives’.  This is supported by Children’s Services and a superb team of social workers who are in call 24 hours per day, every day, every year.


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