Placing the child at the centre


Chrysalis Care was founded on the basis that the child should always be centralised. Having previously been foster carers themselves, this was a crucial motivation for the founding Directors, Lynda and Lou Boden and remains a reality checker when planning strategy nowadays. In the years since Chrysalis Care first began, in 1997, the needs of the child can become increasingly lost in the growing bureaucracy, box ticking and conflicting agenda, within the wider social work arena.  Chrysalis Care continues to determine that the child is the most important person within the network of people involved in their care. Where possible, the views of the child are sought and Chrysalis Care engage in ongoing consultation to ensure this is current. Services are designed with children and young people in mind and services are provided to meet individual’s current and anticipated needs.  Chrysalis Care’s Children’s Services are charged with undertaking consultation and participation work with children and young people placed in our care and also the birth children of our foster carers.  After all, EVERY child matters and Chrysalis Care knows the important role that carer’s own children have in the fostering family….just as the Boden’s learned from their own experiences of raising three daughters, whilst also fostering.  Chrysalis Care offers, as far as is possible, a wraparound service for children and young people.  The intention is to provide the very best opportunities for growth, enjoyment, nurturing and fulfilment….creating a stepping stone for children and young people to use as a springboard for a better, brighter future.


One thought on “Placing the child at the centre

  1. That’s right it is just a stepping stone to a brighter future. If we invest in our children and young people now, just think what their and our future could look like.


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